Welcome to Funnel Music – Our World Without Labels

Funnel Music Ltd was established to meet the changing demands of an increasingly diverse industry driven in part by the digital climate it lives in, by developing a Funnel not only for talent to pour into, but equally services and professionals.

How does an artist get to be heard through the mass of music that is out there? Where do they get help to carefully develop their career when many labels have neither the time or money to support this.

Funnel Music provides tools and resources for doing just that, having partnered with INgrooves Music Group and Sentric Music Publishing and by inviting musicians, industry professionals and the public to join us in making Funnel Music an essential place to create, develop and interact.

The founders are all musicians and each have a range of experiences, skills and understanding in music and business to support the ambitions and talent of new and emerging artists.

Artists selected to progress through Funnel Music’s programmes will expect expert guidance from musicians, producers, publishers, mentors, writers, businesses and managers with experience, understanding and empathy.

Funnel Music provides the perfect opportunity to realise careers.

How it works

The top part of the Funnel is free to any artist to enter. Simply let us hear/see what you do and who you are and immediately a music professional may get to hear your talent.

The team will review everything that comes in and come back to you if it’s a no or an invitation to hear more or a session at one of our studios. Once we have got to know each other better, and everyone feels that it would be good to work together, the first stage proper of the Funnel kicks in when we ask you to become part of the Funnel family.

Funnel will manage, produce, nurture and be your best music friend to get you through to a point where we can hope to share how great you are with others. Our World Without Labels provides you with an alternative route to market, greater control over your music and the opportunity to establish a more sustainable career.

If you are a professional, producer, musician, engineer etc and you would be interested in learning more about how you could be part of the Funnel, please get in touch. As we expand our digital presence, we will be able to offer you and the artist exposure and projects to work on.


New Artists – Want to Join Funnel?

Submit your details to the Funnel and get access to expert mentorship and training to help create your music and release tracks to your fans.