Joe Probert

At 19 years of age, Joe Probert is one of the UK’s most promising singer/songwriting talents. Born and raised in Bristol, Joe is one of those naturally born talents – self taught and single-mindedly motivated to deliver fresh music that people will love.

Joe doesn’t boast a strong inheritance to music. He openly admits that the extent of his family’s musical interests came from listening to the likes of Queen, ELO, Meatloaf and Simon & Garfunkel on the radio. But the young Joe Probert was different. Playing drums from the age of 7, Joe later went on to join a soul band and they toured Europe including Germany and Holland. But drums are a lonely instrument and Joe felt he wanted to be more entrenched within a band: in the thick of it, up-front and performing. That’s when the fire in his belly erupted and his steely determination led him into a self-taught guitar passion.

By the tender age of 14, whilst other kids were on their X-Box, Joe was already out on the streets of Bristol and Bath busking – wowing unsuspecting members of the public with his outstanding vocal ability.

“The street was really my first ever stage, it was really like my very own music testing ground,” Joe admits, “It’s where I’d test out the music I’d written and see which tracks got the best public response. That’s when I realised that I was making music that people really wanted to listen to – they really enjoyed what I played. I even grew a little bucking fan-based where people would arrange to come and see me perform the next time I was on that street corner. That’s when I knew I had to be a musical artist.”

With the street as his public testing ground, Joe set up his musical laboratory in the garden shed, where he set up his own DIY recording studio and spent many hours developing and crafting his sound. A musical hot-house, the garden shed of this young teenager quickly saw this young teenager blossom into a musical genius.

But it was whist at Bristol’s Access To Music that Joe got his big break. Gavin Thorpe, a course manager at the college at that time, instantly recognised Joe’s unique talent, describing his voice as something beyond anything that he’s ever heard before.

Shake This Fate – EP Available Now