Janileigh Cohen

Very few artists have so much natural organic talent as this 25-year-old singer-songwriter.

She is blessed with an incredibly haunting voice to accompanying the catalogue of songs written in her bedroom. Many have strived to reach the Joni Mitchell, Carole King era of internationally renowned artists, most have failed. This artist is the real deal.

Recently Janileigh Cohen’s cover version of the Jackson C Frank classic “Blues Run The Game” was featured on hit US TV Show “This Is Us”. You can hear the original at Spotify here.

In September 2017 Janileigh Cohen released her debut single on Funnel Music. The wonderful “Sister” can be heard here.

A quote from Janileigh herself on the track itself: “I wrote this song whilst I was travelling, it’s for my sister so she knows no matter where I go I’ll always be there for her..¬†Anyway thank you for listening if you like please share. Much love xx”.